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What is already broken was just reduced to dust particles. The Electoral College is simply no longer relevant.

The shock that a candidate can win the popular vote by 2.8 million, yet lose the grand prize has just been presented the icing on the cake as four Washington electors broke ranks and voted for … wait for it … Colin Powell (3) and Faith Spotted Eagle (1). [“Four Washington state electors break ranks and don’t vote for Clinton,, Dec. 19.] What appears to be an effort to call attention to the maladies of the Electoral College has done this brilliantly, but at what cost?

So the millions of people in Washington who gave their trust to 12 electors are given the mockery of one-third of those electors blithely doing what they want.

So what if some states have a fine for not following the will of their voters. Imagine the lineup of contributors who would gladly pay that fine if they were to change their vote.

That our republic has such a dysfunctional system of voting is not demonstrating to the rest of the world that our democracy is the fine model we profess.

Dave Humphrey, Bellevue