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The article “Research monkey at UW dies of thirst” by Sandi Doughton broke my heart.

How painful it must have been for this little creature to be without water for “at least two to three days.”

The University of Washington is not a caring or efficient research facility experimenting with live animals. They have been responsible for many critters’ deaths.

As a taxpayer, I am very upset at this latest shameful, inexcusable death.

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As the article indicates, with our new president, things will get worse since “the USDA removed most animal welfare inspection and enforcement records from its website this year.”

All these little animals have no voice, and I want to speak out for them along with your article, which sounded the alarm.

And furthermore, instead of reducing animal research with computerized alternatives, the UW “is in the midst of constructing an underground animal research lab at a cost of $142 million.” They are going backward, and it is so disheartening and sad.

Claudine Erlandson, Shoreline