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The mistake in announcing the best-picture winner at the Academy Awards Sunday was horrible, but the reaction by the “La La Land” team and by the “Moonlight” team showed who we are as a country.

The “La La Land” team responded with immediate grace in an awkward situation, and with an immense expression of good-sportsmanship and fair play when a mistake was discovered.

The “Moonlight” team took the stage to express great composure, kindness and generosity at a difficult moment.

Thanks to both teams for showing what adults are capable of, and the happiest and most heartfelt congratulations to “Moonlight” for best picture.

I will remember that entire event for a long, long time, as will many children who were watching, I am sure.

Should everyone have an opportunity to behave as beautifully as what we witnessed Sunday night.

Terri Suess, Seattle