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The Seattle Times reported that Seattle broke an all-time heat record last month, with a temperature of 89 degrees on April 18. Although we like to “enjoy” and “bask” when we Northwesterners get a hit of sunlight and warmth, we also know when the abnormal is becoming a real crisis.

We see these aberrations in the bigger picture, as rallying cries to urgent action that we can no longer ignore. Let’s name it “awareness in context” and let our compassion take us beyond short-term enjoyment of early spring flowerings, to recognition of the growing climate crisis that is marching forward relentlessly.

We must  assess what these temperature records really mean for us. Climate action can’t wait. Weird early spring may feel good for now, but it is truly alarming and prods us to step up to mitigate the most devastating effects of impending chaos, with effective national policy.

What we need now is a steadily-rising fee on carbon to push the market away from fossil fuel dependence. With a carbon fee that is returned to households, we can all participate in effective change and keep some normalcy to spring.

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Bobbie Morgan, Bainbridge Island