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The Seattle Times editorial board praises tech monopolist Jeff Bezos’ decision to raise wages for all warehouse workers as part of the “enlightened and progressive” workplace policies of Seattle’s largest public companies. Yet, unlike the mom-and-pop stores he puts out of business, Bezos has the deep pockets to pay a $15 minimum wage.

Endless regressive taxes fund his deals. A $15 wage buys far less than $6 did in the 1990s. That was when a decent apartment in a decent neighborhood cost $500 — well before so-called “progressive” politicians abused the Growth Management Act to benefit tax coffers, crony developers, contractors, real-estate moguls and tech firms.

The fig leaf of a $15 wage notwithstanding, homelessness, gentrification, boondoggles, traffic jams for the hoi polloi and toll lanes for the rich are the true legacy of Seattle’s so-called “leadership circle.”

Mark Schlienz, Kenmore