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Why must we continually look at proposals to make driving in a car with nobody else in it easier? [“8 lanes on Seattle’s waterfront,” Page One, Dec. 11].

If people must have cars to get to Seattle, instead of having two lanes in each direction for cars on Alaskan Way when Bertha is finally finished, make Alaskan Way buses, taxis, limos, and three-person carpools only and set up mandatory park-and-ride lots for single-occupancy vehicles outside the city limits. Or create no-car zones in the city, zones exclusively covered by public transportation, as do cities in Italy. Or permit only cars whose license plates end in “Y” to come on days with no “Y” in them.

You get my drift. But nobody in Seattle seems to want to do anything about traffic pollution except to make it easier for drivers to get around. To hell with that. If they don’t want to ride the bus or carpool, don’t move here.

What the Interstate 405 toll mess shows is, “If you build it, they will come.” What the city should consider is how to minimize gasoline traffic so that we are more in line with Gov. Jay Inslee’s proposals for more electric cars and proposals of the Paris talks to limit pollution-related global warming.

–Frank Mitchell, Seattle