From “Sea-Tac at 70”: “As for what Sea-Tac will look like 70 years from now? Who knows …,” an airport spokesman said: The jointly sponsored, thorough and genuinely collaborative five-county study in the early 1990s (“Flight Plan”) took a look. But the assembled and locally-protective political “leadership” lost regional focus.

They isolated the already difficult, but long-term, multiple-airport system possibilities from Sea-Tac’s preferred partial solution — the current and in-close “new runway.” Earlier removed from the table, also, were two theoretical, on-site and long-term build-out alternatives at Sea-Tac: a new east runway atop a Pacific Highway South tunnel, or a new far-west runway atop a State Route 509 tunnel and part of today’s Burien.

Now, 25 years later, the Legislature has drafted a statewide commercial aviation planning proposal, endorsed by Sea-Tac, partly hoping that distant Moses Lake or Spokane might have a role. As for the long-term footprint within our urbanized region, “who knows?”

Peter D. Beaulieu, Shoreline