I watch in shame and embarrassment for our country at President Joe Biden’s handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal. Although arguments can be made for and against removing U.S. troops from this country, or any country where we have deployed troops, the manner in which the military has done so has made things immeasurably worse, not better.

The blunders and poorly thought-out tactics and strategy continue and compound on a daily basis. Providing a hard and fast date for withdrawal has unnecessarily emboldened the Taliban. Refusing requests from our allies to extend the deadline has weakened our standing and increased risk to everyone.

Having a strategy of negotiation with a group that is already in violation of the power-sharing agreement in effect is just foolhardy. Intentionally choosing to leave billions of dollars worth of military equipment and weapons that will now be used against the U.S. and its allies defies logic and common sense.

Our soldiers on the ground, the U.S. citizens who are there, our allies and the Afghans, who have worked with us over the last days, weeks, months and years, deserve better than this. We need to get these people back with honor, in a dignified way.

Eric Harris, Maple Valley