Regarding President Joe Biden’s statement that chaos was inevitable in executing our current withdrawal from Afghanistan, he set the stage for this mess by removing troops, allowing the crisis to develop, then reinserting soldiers to bail out that terrible decision.

He also gave the enemy the precious intelligence of our current troop strengths and end dates. Chaos was not inevitable. As demonstrated repeatedly during WWII, several successful (though not perfect) withdrawals were conducted by the British in the face of the German army, at that time, the most competent army in the world, for example the Dunkirk evacuation.

Most British troops got home to fight another day and they destroyed the equipment they could not take with them. The Brits showed that professionalism, planning and leadership avoid the chaos we are now witnessing in Afghanistan. As a retired Army officer I am confident we could have emulated these examples, if allowed. The president and his top military brass who permitted this horrible debacle will rightfully live with their inexcusable errors for a long time.

John P. Bordenet, Redmond