Kudos to The Seattle Times for printing the guest essay by Eskinder Negash  about the need to continue to support our Afghan refugees as they struggle to make a new home in our country [“Provide Afghan refugees with means to stay in U.S.,” July 30, Opinion].

Now that inflation is cutting into our budgets, climate change is destroying our environment and women’s rights are in peril, it’s easy to forget the concern most Americans felt just a year ago over the plight of the Afghans who risked their lives to work with us. I have worked as both a teacher of refugee youth and a volunteer with a refugee resettlement agency, and I know first-hand the perilous dangers they face should they be forced to return to their homeland. I also know how eager they are to work hard and contribute to their new country.

Our resettlement process should be robust, swift and secure. Our Afghan allies deserve no less.

Victoria Bernstein, Seattle