Re: “Add ‘middle housing’ to address affordability, climate change and racial equity” [Jan. 7, Opinion]:

One obvious solution seems to be missing from the discussions of “middle housing,” elimination of single-family zoning and the need to increase the stock of well-placed and affordable housing. If local leaders want to increase density and create more appealing rental units throughout Seattle, then I suggest that incentives be created for accessory dwelling units (ADUs).

Drop administrative and financial barriers to the build out of attached accessory units or the construction of detached units. Instead, devise a supportive system to assist homeowners who wish to make these additions. How about interest-free loans or real estate tax breaks for adding affordable units? The city could create a resource center to help homeowners understand what is involved in building units, managing on-site rental property, and locating and interacting with tenants.

This approach could go a lot further toward meeting housing needs than the construction of more expensive three-story micro-condos. A bonus to this approach is that it may help keep people in their homes if they have supplemental income they can apply to taxes, utilities and other expenses.

Make density as attractive to homeowners as it is to developers!

Judith Wood, Seattle