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The article on potential tax surprises due to the Affordable Care Act [“Time for health-care exchange customers to settle up taxes,” Local News, Jan. 24] failed to acknowledged a possible welcome surprise. Some people may have overestimated their income when applying for a subsidy and will therefore be due a reimbursement from the government. While the article is trying to explain how the administration is trying to address problematic surprises it is still important to note the positive upside.

More important, taxpayers should know that even if they are able to get through to the IRS customer-service line, they might not get accurate information. I recently called the IRS when I was trying to understand how my income would be calculated given that I took an IRA conversion. It wasn’t earned (new) money but it does appear as part of adjust gross income on a tax return. I was told that conversions are not a taxable event. Even I knew that was wrong. I found it very disconcerting that I knew more than the IRS person.

Andrea Perr, Seattle