Re: “Seattle will give high-school students A’s or incompletes; colleges urged to adopt generous grading” [April 20, Northwest]:

I am a faculty member at The Evergreen State College and was surprised to see no mention of our narrative evaluation system (which to my mind is perfectly suited to the need for contextually grounded responses to student work in the COVID-19 era).

While Western Washington University and Central Washington University may have been lauded for instituting more flexible grading in light of this crisis, Evergreen has always used a model of rich narrative evaluations that highlight individual students’ learning as well as areas for growth. The article states that Washington Lt. Gov. Cyrus Habib “wants schools to adopt institutionwide ‘pass/no pass options without stigma.’ ”

It would be great to see a recognition that this is precisely what Evergreen has always done, except students who “pass” earn not only credit but an evaluation, too.

Rachel Hastings, Olympia