I am a nurse practitioner, and I am appalled and horrified by the misogynistic and vindictive attacks on women from state legislatures passing restrictive abortion laws.

Although they claim to endorse the welfare of an unborn fetus, they fail to realize that a fetus cannot survive without nurturing and sustenance. If they are truly advocates of unborn babies, they must show advocacy for the women carrying them.

They could imitate European nations that pay women to bear children; offer low-cost child care, and generous maternity and paternity leave with pay; and make women’s pay on a par with men so that raising children does not negatively impact their financial upward mobility.

President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better Plan offered a family $250 per month for each child. U.S. Sen. Mitt Romney devised similar legislation.

These measures could stop abortions voluntarily. Passing a law will not.

If passing these supports is not possible in the United States due to women-hating legislators, perform a paternity test on each newborn and garnish the wages of the father until the child reaches age 22.

It is impossible to be an advocate for unborn life without being an advocate for the person carrying that life.

Joyce Farrell, ARNP, Seattle