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According to a Republican commercial, we shouldn’t go back to the period of unprecedented economic growth which began during the Obama administration because of our current low unemployment. Nothing else matters.

I yearn to go back to the time when our president didn’t lie several times a day; when we didn’t separate children from their parents at the border; when our allies trusted that we have their backs and they have ours; when we didn’t suck up to autocrats like Russia’s Vladimir Putin, the Saudis and the Philippines’ Rodrigo Duterte; when the president didn’t use offensive language when referring to our leaders; when our government based environmental decisions on science; when the president understood the importance of a free press in securing our democracy; when we could hope that our government would support access to health care for everyone; when no one thought it was OK to be a racist; and when we didn’t have to explain to our children that it’s not OK to lie, bully, name-call and spell poorly even though our president does.

Yes, we yearn for those good old days.

Jan Hurd, Poulsbo