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The article “ ‘It’s just math’: Preschoolers can do more than we might think” [Education Lab, Aug. 3] presented a compelling case for high-quality early-learning programs that maximize the potential of the first three to five years when a child’s brain is developing so rapidly.

Play-based, hands-on science and math programs are nurturing the natural curiosity of kids. These innovative programs are also helping disadvantaged children to become more kindergarten-ready and to build solid foundations for the STEM skills needed for success in school and in life.

Early-learning educators are receiving support through our state’s Early Achievers program to adopt these promising approaches. In the 2015 legislative session, our state lawmakers in both parties wisely supported increased funding for early-learning programs that put kids on a positive trajectory for lifelong learning.

Tomorrow’s STEM workforce starts with high-quality early education today.

Peter Raulerson, Bellevue