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When I was in high school, teachers took a risk by inviting a local neo-Nazi group to speak. While controversial, it was a powerful lesson. Having watched films on the Holocaust, I was left feeling horrified, yet removed from that recent history. When two young men in military dress, with armbands bearing swastikas, entered our classroom, I was sickened, shocked and angered.

The men told us about a plan to send those who were not “white” back to “where they came from.” When a Native American student said this was where he was from and asked where they would send him, he was told they’d selected an island in the Pacific.

As I consider how Donald Trump incites fear, hatred and violence, I am reminded of this lesson. If anyone doubts that he would make good on his hateful rhetoric, don’t. It’s up to us to speak out and vote against his divisive, hurtful vision. It’s up to us to keep our humanity and compassion intact.

Roselle Kovitz, Seattle