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Regarding “Will Washington voters warm to a new carbon tax Initiative?”

I was a person who passionately supported Initiative 732 in 2016, canvassing for weeks on end to pass it. And like many others, I was profoundly disappointed that it did not pass.

If it had, Washington state, by this time, would have had in place a sound policy to reduce devastatingly harmful greenhouse-gas emissions and would be leading the nation in combating global warming.

But it’s time to move on, and we have another opportunity to put a price on carbon. Initiative 1631 will do just that, and it is broadly endorsed by environmental groups, social-justice organizations and labor unions. Carbon WA, the originator of I-732, supports it. Citizen’s Climate Lobby, a national organization that has effectively been working to pass a revenue-neutral carbon tax at the federal level, supports it. And we should as well.

It’s time for all of us who care about the future of the planet to come together and support I-1631.

Mary K Stevens, Seattle