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I am disturbed by the editorial endorsement in the 7th Congressional District, which ignores Pramila Jayapal’s outstanding record of accomplishment in the community and as a legislator.

Jayapal’s successful community work includes taking on the George W. Bush administration, establishing OneAmerica and advancing the movement for immigrant rights in our state. In the Republican-led Senate, in her first term, her determination yielded real results for women and working families.

She heard about women on Medicaid in her district who were not able to access the most effective forms of contraception — like IUDs — and she went to work with Planned Parenthood immediately. She sponsored bipartisan legislation to address this, and she kept working through a budget process that took months. Today, women on Medicaid across our state who have access to the most effective forms of contraceptives can give credit to Jayapal’s tenacity.

I join women and families across the 7th Congressional District who are dismayed by the editorial board’s dismissal and minimization of Jayapal’s lengthy history of accomplishments in public service.  She is precisely the type of results-oriented leader we desperately need in Congress, and I’m proud to stand with Pramila Jayapal.

Elaine Taylor Rose, Seattle, CEO of Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest and Hawaii