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Technology is now available for anyone — child, terrorist, domestic abuser, felon — to print a gun at home using a 3-D printer and instructions. Government regulators have not caught up to this new technology. We must block the distribution of these instructions in the interest of public safety — the number one job of our elected leaders.

Not only can the guns be printed, they can be printed using plastic, making them undetectable using metal detectors. Think about that — airplanes, concerts, courthouses, all places where plastic guns could be taken without detection.

An Axios/SurveyMonkey poll shows 80 percent of Americans oppose the online distribution of blueprints for downloadable guns, including Republicans and gun owners. If we’re looking for common ground — common-sense legislation around guns — this is it.

Our representatives need to cosponsor and pass HR 6649 which would prohibit the posting of these dangerous blueprints online. If our elected leaders fail to act on this, then we’ll vote them out in November.

Cause Haun, Seattle