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The column discussing millennials’ voting habits missed the target [“Millennials: Demand gun laws,” Opinion, Jan. 9].

Its assumption that millennials won’t turn up at the presidential election polls is inaccurate, according to a Fusion poll surveying 1,000 young people. In fact, the poll states that 77 percent of millennials are almost positive they’ll vote in the election. The column’s evidence in support of the false conclusion used low midterm election turnout as proof millennials won’t vote, when really many more people vote in presidential elections than in midterms. Hence, voter turnout projections based on midterms just don’t make sense.

Also, this particular assumption isn’t true because for many millennials, the presidential election will be the first election they’re old enough to vote in. I am in this same position, having not been of age during the midterms.

As a young woman, I want people to know that millennials are as active as ever.

Aruna Tuller-Ross, Bellingham