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David Brooks wrote in “The field is flat” [Opinion, March 29] that older people tend to get more Republican and vote at higher rates. As a senior and lifelong voter, I despair at how quickly many have forgotten that their benefits, such as Social Security and Medicare, were championed by Democrats.

When Barack Obama first ran for election, many who had never voted came out in droves to elect this nation’s first African-American president. Soon after, the GOP vowed to drive him out of office. They challenged his place of birth, his Middle Eastern-sounding name, his religion, and everything he tried to accomplish in office.

Voters who came out in 2008 may now believe that their votes don’t count — nothing could be further from the truth. We must remember which party truly represents and cares about us 98-percenters by voting Democratic in 2016.

Diane B. Nelson, Port Ludlow