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Trump knows workers

In a speech, Vice President Joe Biden said, “Donald Trump doesn’t understand workers and I do.” Trump has thousands of employees in his various enterprises. Biden has none.

Biden became a politician one year (1969) after he graduated from law school — so to my knowledge, he has never had an employee other than those paid by the government entity he was elected to represent.

Right, Joe, you really know workers and Trump doesn’t. Biden’s just another gum-flapping politician who has no idea what he’s talking about. We need a different approach.

Jerry Forell, Kirkland

Trump, the only snake

Regarding the recent Trump rally in Everett: To hear this appalling man spewing invective that refers to the flow of Syrian refugees as a “vicious snake” and raving about the Trojan Horse seems like the most terrible kind of irony [“In Everett, Trump slams Clinton, Syrian refugees,” Page One, Aug. 31].

Syrian refugees have risked everything to flee from the civil war that continues to convulse their country. They have witnessed one nation after another close its borders to them and turn its back on their suffering. To welcome them into our society would be an opportunity to create new citizens, those who can testify to the generosity and humanity of the average American. I can’t think of a better, more cost-effective way of fighting terrorism than to accept many more thousands of Syrian refugees.

The most fervent Americans are often the newly minted ones who have been afforded the chance to experience the principles and values we cherish and then make them their own. If anything has slithered into the core of this country to destroy it from within, surely it is Trump himself.

Monique Vescia, Seattle