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Trump is just one of us

Donald Trump is a symptom of the problem; he is not the problem [“The sore loser problem,” Opinion, Aug. 9]. Don’t blame Trump for this election season; I blame myself.

I blame myself because I don’t know my neighbor’s name. I blame myself because I came up with an excuse to skip the neighborhood block party a few weeks ago. I blame myself because I didn’t read to my daughter last night before she fell asleep. I blame myself because I sometimes don’t work as hard as I should at my job and complain about other people my age who are unemployed. I blame myself because I pay for cable television and have preselected channels as favorites, including a couple cable-news channels. I blame myself because I’m not sure when Issaquah City Council meetings take place. I blame myself because I sit around and eat too much and don’t exercise enough.

I’m confident you can blame yourself, too. We get the government we deserve. We get the presidential candidates we deserve. Don’t blame Trump. He is a reflection of us. We’re coarse and unqualified, too.

Lincoln Vander Veen, Issaquah

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No need to parse words

I get it that Donald Trump has a severe case of “foot-in-mouth” disease. But I would rather have someone with a mouthful of toes than lose my Second Amendment rights, have a regulated internet, corporate taxes raised, more Obamacare and a feckless foreign policy.

Hillary Clinton cannot separate her policies from those of President Obama — or she could risk losing Obama’s support — and she lacks much original policy of her own.

So far, Trump has been thrown off message. For me, this is certainly not enough to risk decades of liberal policies supported by a liberal Supreme Court.

Trump is not a politician who always parses his words, checking for politically correct speech and then carefully delivering sanitized responses that sound good but say nothing.

David Hesselgrave, Bellingham