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Suddenly it all comes into focus. My perspective has changed dramatically regarding the Republican Party. As a liberal Democrat I have, in the past, thought of George W. Bush, for example, as a man who lacked the wisdom and vision to occupy the Oval Office.

But, looking at the current Republican nominee, I must take back all of my negative thoughts and expressions [“Vitriol rules in brawl full of personal attacks,” Page One, Oct. 10]. By comparison, George W. Bush was a gentleman, a man of probity and wit, a sage and a man of great moral rectitude. Donald Trump is not fit to tie the shoes of former President George W. Bush.

To go even deeper into history, I would think that, if he were alive now, President Abraham Lincoln would say something like this to The Donald: ”Please Mr. Trump, retire to one of your mansions, reflect upon your life, and read a book once in a while.”

Don Rogers, Camano Island