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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will likely be the two presidential choices. Disillusioned with Trump as their candidate, Washington state’s GOP may turn to Clinton. [“State GOP: Rally for Trump or run for the hills — or Hillary?” Page One, May 5].

I, like many other Bernie Sanders supporters, will never vote for Hillary Clinton. I will not vote just because a “D” appears after the candidate’s name. I will vote “no” to the Clinton machine and “no” to every establishment Democrat including Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, Patty Murray and Derek Kilmer, all Democratic superdelegates determined to stand with Clinton despite the voices of their party’s constituents.

There is one political win-win scenario, at least up until Tuesday Nov. 8: Sanders running as an independent. Corporate media would receive unprecedented sky-high ratings covering Trump. Establishment Democrats would salivate, dreaming of positions to be filled with a Clinton win. Millions of ordinary people, like myself, would be able to continue with our enthusiastic support for the only presidential candidate fighting for the “little guy.” It would be a nail-biter.

Then in November on Election Day, let the chips fall where they may.

Diane Jerich-Domin, Port Ludlow