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Let’s hope that the GOP follows Kenneth Starr’s remorse for the witch hunt of Bill Clinton and lighten up on Hillary [“Former Clinton nemesis Kenneth Starr has become a fan,” Nation & World, May 25].

It seems that once charges of wrongdoing regarding Benghazi were shown to be unfounded, they went after Hillary’s email habits. It’s too bad that Republicans didn’t show that kind of zeal when it came to investigating the Bush administration’s lack of attention regarding the al-Qaida urgency that the Clinton team tried to impart or to the selling of the war in Iraq, which has so cost our country and the Middle East.

It’s unfortunate that zeal can’t be focused on legislation to curb gun violence, ensure health care and protect the planet. It would be nice if Starr’s words and praise of Clinton’s contributions might turn things in that direction, though I doubt they will.

Bruce Johnson, Seattle