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I note that Chris Vance, who is hoping to unseat U.S. Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., in the Senate in the fall, states that he cannot vote for Donald Trump, and, as a Republican, cannot vote for Hillary Clinton. Thus, he may not vote at all [“GOP Senate candidate Chris Vance calls Trump’s views ‘insane’,” Local News, May 6].

Question: Why should I vote for someone who declines to perform his duty as a citizen? What kind of example is this for younger citizens? Why would I want a senator who will abstain when the choice is difficult? Do I want a senator who is so loyal to his party that voting for a fellow citizen, promoted by fellow citizens, is abhorrent?

Vote, Vance! You don’t have to tell us whom, but do help us choose who might best serve as president. We certainly don’t need a party loyalist as senator.

Ed Sider, Seattle