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Break the status quo

Paul Krugman has long been dismissing Bernie Sanders, and recently David Brooks. Now one of my favorite columnists, Froma Harrop joins the “We love Hillary” campaign [“Democrats don’t blow it,” Opinion, Feb. 17].

Don’t blow it they say. Let’s have more of the same establishment Wall Street coddling politics. We can’t handle big challenges. We like the status quo.

Bernie can’t save us from the scary Republicans. I admit it, I have been there in the past — vote for whichever Democrat seemingly has the best chance against the Republicans.

Not this time, not me. This time, I am voting with my morals and convictions. Our great country is far too corrupt to go with the status quo. If Hillary Clinton wins the nomination, we deserve to be “Trumped.”

Barry Hohstadt, Seattle

What a strange time

In all my 78 years of voting, I have never seen an election that puts voters in such a state of anxiety.

To start with, Bernie Sanders should not be running as a Democrat because he has always won his elections as an independent or a Democratic Socialist. He was never a member of the Democratic Party.

Within the Republican party, all the viable candidates have been lost. Why is Donald Trump the candidate? He doesn’t know how this country runs, with a check-and-balances system. His flamboyant campaigning has left other world leaders feeling that we are not trustworthy.

Bloomberg is still considering a run as an independent.

Americans need to look at all these candidates very carefully and find out what they stand for both in the U.S. and internationally.

Carol Ramamurti, Seattle