Before he got banned from Twitter, Donald Trump was the prolific prima donna of caustic, inflammatory, unhinged tweets. Now, Seattle has its own aspirant to Trump-style messaging: Nicole Thomas-Kennedy, the leftist candidate for city attorney.

In answer to a benign holiday message from acting Police Chief Adrian Diaz last year, Thomas-Kennedy sent the following: “Eat some covid laced shit & quit ur (sic) jobs.” On another occasion, responding to a report that protesters had set fire to an incarceration facility construction site, she tweeted, “YAY! Thank you to the heroes that set the Children’s Jail on fire.”

Apparently, there were many more of these online outbursts to be found before the candidate finally got around to deleting them. Deleted or not, Thomas-Kennedy is unrepentant. She is pro-property destruction, pro-riot, anti-cop and not at all inclined to prosecute misdemeanors which, oddly enough, happens to be one of the jobs of the city attorney.

Just as Trump did all he could to enervate and deconstruct the federal government over which he presided, Thomas-Kennedy appears anxious to transform the city attorney into a public defender. Perhaps that is not a surprise, since she has had a career in that field. The question is whether Seattle voters want their municipal lawyer to be perpetually siding with the perpetrators of crime rather than the victims of their illegal actions.

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