Tim Eyman has created quite a lucrative career for himself by concocting a new anti-tax initiative nearly every time an election rolls around. This year, the anti-government crusader (some would say con man) has chosen to revisit the same issue he has promoted in past ballot measures: putting a $30 limit on the fee for car tabs.

If Eyman is successful this time, he will be responsible for the loss of $4 billion in state and local transportation funding. In particular, his scheme would profoundly inhibit the ability of  Sound Transit to extend light rail service beyond Seattle city limits to suburbs to the north, south and east.

Apparently, Eyman is happy to see automobile drivers in the region stuck in heavy traffic with no good alternative. If you are one of those commuters mired in the agony of gridlock, you may not feel like thanking Tim for saving you a few bucks on your car tabs.

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