"As a strong believer in private association, I oppose the way Washingtonstate has implemented I-872, the Grange-sponsored Top Two primary."

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Krist Novoselic, former bassist of the grunge band Nirvana and chairman of the activist group FairVote, is running for county clerk in Wahkiakum County in southwest Washington. What’s interesting about this—at least, to people outside Wahkiakum County—is that Novoselic labels himself on the ballot as “Prefers Grange Party.”

Actually, Novoselic is a Democrat. There isn’t a Grange Party. There is a Grange—a longtime farmers’ organization—and Novoselic is an official in it. But he is not a candidate of the Grange. He is just a guy who listed on the state form, “Prefers Grange Party.”

His explanation of this is posted on his local Grange website.