Notice an influx of bears invading neighborhood window sills during your coronavirus-era walks?

When kids aren’t allowed on play dates or to congregate at the basketball court, this “bear hunt” is one way the community can support a bright spot for younger neighbors. Many communities, from cities to suburbs to small towns, are participating.

You put a teddy bear in the window, and kids can track them on their precious moments outside the house. By word-of-mouth or on neighborhood social-media pages, people are encouraging more bears to make appearances for kids to spot.

Here’s your chance to join the hunt.

David Horsey, Seattle Times editorial cartoonist, drew three bears suitable for window display: a reporter bear,  a health-care worker and a fashionista. All three are ready for downloading below and adorning (with color, glitter, feathers, whatever!) by kids and grown-ups. Don’t forget to put them in your window.

We’d love to see what you come up — either your art project or your actual teddy bears in the window. Email your photos to with the subject line “Bear Hunt.” Or post on Twitter with the hashtag #SeaTimesOpinionBearHunt. We will post entries.

Stay safe.


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