A mechanic who biked to work and picked up his or her limited repair skills from a YouTube video would not be anyone’s first choice to do an automobile repair.

That is a metaphor for the Seattle City Council members who, in response to protests during the summer of 2020, vividly displayed their amateurism and ideology as they leaped in to tinker with the police department. As customers of city services, we are paying for it now.

Trying to appease activists calling for defunding of the cops, all nine council members and Mayor Jenny Durkan approved a scheme to pull Parking Enforcement Officers, as well as 911 dispatchers and other emergency services, out of the police department. Thanks to bureaucratic screwups, that unnecessary bit of performative wokeness has now forced the city to cancel more than 200,000 parking tickets, resulting in a $5 million hit to the municipal budget.

The council’s unguided legislative and rhetorical missiles aimed at the police can also be blamed for the exodus of cops from the city, which has resulted in longer emergency response times, a suspension of adult sexual assault investigations and a stall in community outreach programs.

Making the police less prone to use violent tactics and more nimble in their encounters with marginal communities is a very worthy goal, but, so far, too many council members seem more interested in acting out their disdain for the men and women whom we ask to do the city’s toughest job. 

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