Vying for sympathy via the use of false media coverage on the Israel-Gaza border is abhorrent, deceptive, and is another strategy being used to attack Israel and build a false narrative.

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Violence along the Israel-Gaza border over the past two months has been nothing less than business as usual for Hamas. Their business consists solely of a continuing barrage of violence against the state and citizens of Israel. The Hamas terror organization has created a well-orchestrated campaign against the state of Israel, shrouded under the cover of Palestinian protesters. It is expected, based upon a long withstanding history of violence on behalf of this terrorist organization that the orchestrated attacks on the Israel-Gaza border will continue.

This violence against the people of Israel is funded as well by the Islamic Republic of Iran, which also supports other terrorist organizations, including Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah. Hamas chooses to use these funds from Iran by supplying themselves with construction materials for terror tunnels — rather than homes, schools and hospitals for their citizens.

In recent months, Hamas-led Palestinians threw Molotov cocktails and burning tires with the intention of breaching the fence and ultimately threatening the lives of Israeli citizens who live a mere half mile away. One of the Hamas terror organization’s leaders, Yahya Sinwar, has clearly stated that the goal of Hamas is to “erase the border and tear out [Israeli] livers.” Of the 62 killed during the protest, Hamas publicly claimed that 50 were Hamas operatives and the Islamic State publicly claimed three.

Another view

Lauren Goldman Marshall: “It doesn’t take a leap of logic to see that Gaza has become a concentration camp, and the demonstrations at the border are a desperate response to a humanitarian crisis.”

Read her Op-Ed at: HTTPS://st.news/Israel-Gaza

News disseminated by Hamas operatives is nothing less than propaganda meant to sway sympathy from those who are thousands of miles away from the terror tunnels, burning tires and fire bombs. Vying for this sympathy via the spread of false coverage on the Israel-Gaza border is a strategy which is used to attack Israel and build a false narrative. Unfortunately, this propaganda has been supported and strengthened by Algeria, which was one of the countries that proposed last week’s resolution at the United Nations General Assembly.

This resolution, which was adopted, was titled “Protection of the Palestinian Civilian Population.” Ironically it failed to mention Hamas, which is the primary aggressor and captor of the Gazan people. Algeria, a nation that Amnesity International has said, “detains peaceful demonstrators, human rights defenders, activists and journalists,” has no merit in backing substantively false allegations against the only democratic nation in the Middle East. Propaganda which is disseminated by Hamas operatives has climbed its way onto the world’s stage as a result of actors in the region who see value in hijacking the suffering of the Palestinian people.

Much of what is left out of Hamas’s PR strategy is one very important thing: context. Factual, nonpartisan news does not come from hostages who live under severe oppression by their leaders. One could only expect extremely graphic, viscous and terror-mongering social media posts to come out of citizens who are deprived of basic human rights and coerced into riots.

Similar to how Iran holds hostage the politics and societies of Yemen, Lebanon and Iraq, Iran backs the same stronghold over the Palestinian inhabitants of Gaza. The same Palestinians who post on social media, decrying supposed illegal acts by Israel, receive a significant portion of humanitarian aid through the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) which is an Israeli, government-coordinated organization, responsible for promoting humanitarian projects.

The same citizens of Gaza who spread untrue claims about aggression on behalf of Israel are supported regularly by Israeli benevolence. For instance, during one of the many protests on the Gaza-Israel border, Palestinian rioters caused millions of dollars in damage to their own gas and oil pipeline and Israel was quick to respond with assistance.

Demonizing a compassionate, generous and democratic society is not a means of communication — but terror mongering, which is no less violent than burning tires and shelling mortars. On social media, Hamas praises violence and not coexistence; it exemplifies the words of Yahya Sinwar, a Hamas leader who openly declared that the terror organization must “erase the border and tear out their livers.” When Hamas and Islamic Jihad choose violence rather than peace, Israel has no choice but to defend itself — and it will continue to do so as long as the security of its citizens is at risk.