As vaccines to fight COVID-19 were in development, there was some worry that, between the anti-vaxxers who fear negative complications from vaccinations and the Trump crowd who insist the pandemic is a hoax, there would not be enough people willing to get shots and achieve herd immunity.

Well, the drug wary and the political dupes are still around, but the bigger challenge, right now, is that there are too many rather than too few people clamoring for a vaccine that is in short supply. As a result, there are the usual characters who refuse to wait their turn. Some have been given special access by private hospitals because they are VIPs and donors. Others have just shown up at vaccination points and gotten in, even though they are not members of an eligible group. They exploit the honor system by being, well, dishonorable.

And there are those looking for loopholes to be exploited. For instance, the current age requirement for people seeking the vaccine is 65 or above — that is unless you are 50 or older and happen to be living in a multi-generational household. I imagine there is more than one 62-year-old rich guy who thinks that means his 29-year-old trophy wife will get him to the head of the vaccination line.

Sorry to break the news to you, gents, but in order to qualify for the vaccine, the person living in the multigenerational home has to meet one of two criteria set by the Washington Department of Health:  The person is at least 50 years old and caring for a grandchild, or is at least 50 and is not able to live independently (and this person must either receive long-term care or live with someone who works outside the home).

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