As a child of a family whose life was adversely impacted by the reign of Sen. Joseph McCarthy, I strongly disagree with Henry Olsen’s column “McCarthyism is back — and woke” [July 19, Opinion]:

McCarthy’s anti-communist crusade ruined the lives of millions of working people who did not subscribe to his dogmatic fearmongering.

The present calling to account of persons such as journalists Bari Weiss and Andrew Sullivan, formerly of The New York Times and New York Magazine, respectively, is not about politics — it is about morals and ethics. It is not about thought, it is about behavior.

Sullivan continues to be a vocal supporter of the racist position that persons of color are genetically inferior to white people and that is why they are not as successful as white people.

Weiss has thrived in her long history of attacking such groups as the women of color who organized the original Women’s March because they praised Muslim women, whom we white people are supposed to hate.

Comparing the situation of millions of working people with two privileged journalists is false and misleading.

Thalia Syracopoulos, Seattle