Maybe a recent letter writer feels she isn’t paying her fair share for public services and programs in Washington state, but I certainly didn’t appreciate the suggestion to extend income taxes to middle and upper incomes [“Taxes: ‘I want to pay my fair share,’ ” June 23, Northwest Voices].

My husband and I are retired middle-income seniors. Our property taxes are more than $9,000 per year, which support schools; county, city, port, fire and emergency medical services; the library; Sound Transit; and flood control, and we have to dip into our savings to pay them. In addition, we pay more than $700 per year in motor-vehicle taxes, plus 10% sales tax on everything but food and medical. This doesn’t even include our utility expenses, which go up annually.

We have always voted for fair levies to support our public services, even as we are getting too old to benefit from some of them. But unless there is genuine tax reform in this state, we will never support an additional income tax. We are lifelong residents of Washington, but we often wonder how much longer we can afford to stay here.

Nellie Ann Mills, Lake Forest Park