Re: “Pelosi says independent commission will examine Capitol riot” [Feb. 14, Nation & World]:

I am opposed to a 9-11 style commission into the attack on our Capitol on Jan. 6. It would be a waste of time and resources. We already know what happened. The Democratic House managers did an excellent job in presenting their case. The trial gave us everything we need to know about cause and effect. Let law enforcement take over the criminal investigation from here.

A congressional commission would require equal participation on both sides of the aisle, which will only allow the Republicans to insert their false narrative and to continue to cry witch hunt. It took the 9-11 commission nearly two years to come up with its conclusions. This new commission would be wrapping up its investigation just in time for the midterm elections, inflaming the Trump voter base, should the report contain any negative criticism of the former president, as it is most certain to do.

There are quicker, easier and better ways to beef up security at the Capitol.

Marshall Dunlap, Kent