Re: “Writers call for resignation of director of Seattle’s Hugo House” [Feb. 13, Books]:

I write in support of the Writers of Color Alliance’s (WOCA) demands for change in leadership at Hugo House. Truthful examination of the role of whiteness in all systems is the necessary work of our times. This is good news for our shared humanity.

My hope is that the current executive director and all Hugo House board members are able to truthfully self-examine and receive feedback from WOCA as to whether they presently have the capacities required to take seriously and actualize all that WOCA is bringing into visibility.

For those who don’t, my concurrent hope is for each to know that it can be an act of tremendous leadership to resign from an organizational role. Embracing the truth of our human limitations takes courage. It’s also a necessary ingredient for anti-racism work.

The best leaders know how and when to follow. To believe otherwise is to perpetuate the lie of whiteness.

Lisa Iversen, Bellingham