Re: “Council members, Mayor’s Office reach tentative deal on homeless outreach through the end of 2020” [Oct. 20, Project Homeless]:

The mouse has roared! Weeks of discussions by a couple of council members, the mayor’s office and outreach providers have solved the problem — for the next 60 days. They have agreed that, instead of the Navigation Teams which were in the field removing encampments and helping the homeless get to shelters, there will be eight people at desks to handle the problem. A person concerned about an encampment can call this “team,” and they will pay an outreach provider to help.

Will this reduce the number of tents multiplying around Green Lake or occupying the hillsides of Interstate 5? Will this provide more safety for parents and children in our parks, or better sanitary conditions for the poor homeless?

All of us who care about the beauty and safety of our city want the City Council to do better.

Richard Page, Seattle