Re: “Police again clear Cal Anderson camp that’s become a base for protesters and homeless people” [Sept. 1, Project Homeless]:

As I walked my dog by Cal Anderson Park on a sunny afternoon, city crews and the police were clearing the park of campers, protesters and illegal occupation of a rental facility.

The vicious verbal onslaught from the protesters toward the police was amazing. What was impressive is that the police did not react to the hostility. I told several officers that I felt that they did not deserve such unnecessary verbal abuse. The officers thanked me for the kind words.

Unfortunately, there are racists and “bad apples” in the police force, and they need to be weeded out. However, all police officers are not racist or cruel. Most are just like us — they work, try to pay their bills, have a family and, perhaps, a dog to walk, hopefully, in a neighborhood where the businesses are not boarded up or looted — perhaps, a neighborhood without the blanket hate and hostility that I witnessed toward the police who were merely trying to do their job and keep the peace.

JoAnne Hardt Rudo, Seattle