Now I know what you’ll say: “She’s part of the establishment.” Yes she is, and that’s a good thing.

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DEAR Millennials: Shut up.

I am so tired of hearing about how you hate Hillary Clinton.

This election is not exactly a popularity contest. We’re not voting for prom queen. Clinton is not your pal. She is not your sorority sister, and she is not an adorable old grandpa with grandiose ideas and cute slogans. She is a cutthroat, badass politician who has been around the block a near-infinite number of times, which is what we need in a president. You do not have to like her — let me repeat that: You do not have to like her.

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It’s not her job to be liked. It’s her job to keep this country on a progressive path. Do you like equality? Do you want the glaciers to stick around? How do you feel about health care? What about avoiding nuclear war? The international standing of the U. S.? Can you name a single person with the amount of experience in politics like Hillary Clinton? No you can’t; nobody can. Remember how she was secretary of state for four years and first lady for eight? She’ll roll into the White House ready on Day One. President Obama himself said that there has never been anybody “more qualified than Hillary Clinton to serve as president of the United States of America.”

Now I know what you’ll say. “She’s part of the establishment.” Yes she is, and that’s a good thing. It means she has experience and won’t need on-the-job training or have to spend months getting to know people with whom she’ll be working and negotiating. She already knows their agendas, what motivates them and who can get things done quickly and effectively.

The worst part is that you know all this. You know that Clinton’s presidency is the best option, you just want to pretend that something else is possible when it is not. You and me and about 220 million other people eligible to vote are tasked with the enormous responsibility of keeping the United States from electing a racist xenophobe.

You shouldn’t be proud of yourself for refusing to vote for Hillary, writing in Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein or that other guy who has no chance of winning. There is a very real threat that Trump becomes the president. And if you do not vote, or you vote for a third-party candidate, you are complicit in that result. Remember, this is exactly what happened in 2000 when 2.8 million people voted for the Green Party candidate, Ralph Nader, resulting in George W. Bush’s presidency.

You don’t get to elect Obama, who played this same game, and then lose all faith in Clinton for doing the same thing. You don’t get to claim foul play when the system for earning delegates has been the same all along. You don’t get to stop playing the game because you just found out about the rules. If you’re mad about the way Hillary Clinton secured the nomination, get involved to fix that system.

There are going to be no pats on the back for you for standing by and watching the United States as we know it burn to the ground. The choice is simple for every voter: progress or regress.

Hillary Clinton is a step forward. And while Bernie would have wanted two steps forward, the Donald would take us back by a mile.