Re: “ ‘Let us play’: Student athletes of Washington march in Olympia, push for reinstatement of fall sports” [Sept. 3, Northwest]:

I read with dismay that high school athletes are petitioning the governor’s office and the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association to open the season this fall. To open a season for sports, you must also open the opportunities for school arts activities. Singers, dancers, musicians and actors also are all negatively affected by the cancellations of their activities. They, too, have worked hard to build their craft, including many dollars spent in private instruction. They, too, dearly miss the opportunity to perform with their peers. They, too, have scholarships on the line to institutions they prize. And, they, too, are suffering mental-health issues and need support. Please, let’s not have another issue of discrimination of one activity over another.

I am happy to see these players pursue their right to petition. Civic engagement is a huge part of learning and is to be valued. But petitioning for what they see as their right and need must also take into account the rights and needs of their fellow students. If the players’ petition works in reminding everyone to abide by the restrictions necessitated by this pandemic so all can enjoy the activities we all enjoy, then I applaud their efforts.

Bobbie May, Redmond