Here are headlines that readers and editorial board members would like to see in 2017.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Happy new year. Today marks new beginnings, new possibilities and fresh starts.

We asked readers what headlines they would like to see in 2017, and we received a couple hundred examples of wishful thinking, assertions and sarcastic takes. Trump-related headlines dominated and several called for his impeachment. We’re sharing a sampling that showed creativity and represented both sides of the divide.

It’s a mix of the best reader headlines we received and a selection from the editorial board.

The staff selected three of the most clever reader submissions to receive $100 restaurant gift cards. Our top three were submitted by Mike Smith of Edmonds, Bart Shilvock of Lake Forest Park and Dot Rohan of Seattle.

Do you have better ideas? Leave yours in the comments.


(Winner) Trump to turn the firing of Cabinet members into reality TV show

— Mike Smith, Edmonds


Trump’s first year, world did not end; liberals confused

— Daniel Scheeler, Renton


Trump tweets nuclear codes, claims it was meant to be sarcastic

— Shawn Morrison, Cashmere


2017: We are screwed

— Jennifer Dills, Snoqualmie


Electoral College abolished, popular vote enacted

— Tim Walsh, Seattle


(winner) Three Seattle City Council members injured in race to the left

— Bart Shilvock, Lake Forest Park


Washington state students graduate in record numbers

— Steve Hill, Yakima


McCleary decision now old enough to attend an underfunded kindergarten

— Zachary Haver, Renton


Americans abandoning social media for print news sources

— Bryce Figdore, Kirkland


Climate impact: Washington wine industry overtakes California

— Marilyn Hawkins, Walla Walla


(Winner) Alzheimer’s disease now just a bad memory

— Dot Rohan, Seattle


Mariners win World Series!

— Timothy Foutz, Seattle


Downtown parking place found; Mayor ‘shocked, disappointed’

— Dean Smith, Bellevue


Wilson Jr., age 6 months, commits to Huskies

— Bryce Figdore, Kirkland


Seattle homeless count nears zero; local measures now U.S. gold standard

— Ginny Bear, Seattle


They’ve done it! Fred Hutch proclaims they’ve cured cancer

— John Wilson, Seattle


ISIS destroyed worldwide

— Phil Stanat, Des Moines


President Trump closes Twitter account

— Dean Smith, Bellevue


Here are headlines editorial board members would like to see:


Free 2-year college or vocational training for high-school graduate


Donnie Chin murder solved


Renovated KeyArena to house returning Sonics


Court upholds Obama’s permanent ban on Arctic drilling


North Korea stops nuclear missile development; Seattle sighs in relief


Puget Sound orca population rebounds