Seattle Metro and its construction partners have created an unsafe, unsustainable transportation and public-safety situation along Delridge Avenue as they attempt construction of Metro’s H Line RapidRide bus route.

Where I live, sidewalks are closed in both directions and there is no safe cross walk in between. This is the case between multiple side streets along the construction corridor. Walking in the neighborhood isn’t safe for an able-bodied person like me. I cannot imagine attempting to navigate the area with mobility challenges.

Driving and biking are also very dangerous. Attempted traffic routing along Delridge, made by unsecured construction cones often knocked out of place, changes constantly. Also, markers are not sufficiently reflective, making it particularly dangerous to drive or bike in dark conditions.

The city must find a way to complete its work while maintaining public safety and reasonable accommodations for safe mobility in the neighborhood. This is about much more than mere inconvenience, of which there is certainly plenty, both from this project and the ridiculous approach to the West Seattle Bridge debacle. However, it is essential that the city improve its approach to this project immediately before someone is seriously injured or killed.

John Sparkman, Seattle