Re: “Navy captain: Growlers do not pose significant noise threat to southern resident orcas” [Jan. 3, Opinion]:

The Navy doesn’t care what harm it does to whales or people. They have spent no time investigating the impact of the planes on humans or wildlife.

I have lived on Camano Island since 1999. We rarely heard Navy planes until April of 2019. Now we hear them every weekday, sometimes most of the day and sometimes well into the evening. The noise of these planes lingers in the sky like a bad odor. The plane may not even be visible, but the noise is awful.

Right now, they can do anything they want, and there is no accountability. There need to be limits on when they can fly and how often they can fly. The Navy should not be allowed to continue to ruin one of the prettiest places in the Northwest. Our congressional delegation needs to stand up and address the problems being caused by the Navy. No federal entity should be allowed to destroy the environment and people’s lives who live there.

Cindy Custer, Camano Island