After reading “Trader Joe’s responds to Seattle pay hike mandate by raising pay, temporarily, nationwide,” [Feb. 2, Business], I cheered the Seattle City Council’s mandate for a $4 increase for grocery-store workers. I cheered Trader Joe’s but had to boo Suzy Monford, the CEO of PCC Community Markets.

I’m disgusted that this high-end supermarket is opposed to providing $4 hazard pay. PCC clerks and deli workers have staffed the store day after day during this yearlong pandemic to provide healthy food when their own health is in serious jeopardy. Customers pay premium dollars, but Monford doesn’t want to share the wealth with her employees.

Monford claims she’s already spent heavily on COVID-19-related safety measures. Well, haven’t we all, including her staff?

PCC benefits from being seen as a friendly neighborhood business, yet it won’t take care of its workers, who are comparatively low-paid.

I call on PCC to treat its employees with the same concern it shows for health food and free-range chickens. Graciously give the workers the $4 compensation.

Chris Smith (a former PCC employee), Seattle