Trump's dead weight sinks GOP in King County

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Elephants have long been endangered in Africa; now, in the wake of the 2018 midterm election, the party that has long used the elephant as a mascot appears equally in peril in King County. Not that long ago, Bellevue and the Eastside suburbs were a bastion of GOP power in the state. Now, there is not a single Republican left holding a partisan office that is fully inside the county boundaries. The most dramatic shift is in the 8th Congressional District where Kim Schrier is the first Democrat ever to win that congressional seat. The voters who swung this election are the college-educated females who have increased in numbers in the suburbs — women who generally loathe Donald Trump. As long as Republicans keep embracing their unpopular and divisive leader, they may face extinction, not just in King County, but in suburban districts across the country. See more of David Horsey’s cartoons at: View other syndicated cartoonists at: