Politics in America used to be fun and often inspiring. Candidates would engage in a lively contest and, once the people had spoken, everyone accepted the result, win or lose.

The arrival of the new year will bring on the state primaries and then the general election battle between President Donald Trump and whichever Democrat wins the presidential nomination. And the whole thing promises to be a nasty, bitter affair with the added phenomenon of democracy in this country once again under attack from Russian cyber saboteurs.

When 2020 comes to a close and the election is over, it is not likely the nation will easily unite behind the victor. If the Democrat wins, Trump and the right-wing media will be certain to whip up a conspiracy theory about how the election was stolen from them. If Trump wins, Democrats might make the same assertion, especially if Russian interference is apparent. That is when we will be longing for the graciousness and patriotism of past losers such as John McCain and Al Gore.

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